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Take the hassle out of remodeling your kitchen or bath


Take the hassle out of remodeling your kitchen or bath

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Take the hassle out of remodeling your kitchen or bath
News from Sioux City Journal:

When Siouxlanders want to give their kitchen or bathroom a new look without the hassles of conventional remodeling, they turn to Surface Solutions of Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, for their cabinet refacing, resurfacing and acrylic liner installation services.

Surface Solutions has been around since 1995, and is one of the longest lasting businesses of its kind in the local Sioux City area. Gary and Stacy Kaiser took over Surface Solutions in 2001, continuing a tradition of using quality products, and having a good rapport with customers.

“For us, it’s all about customer service,” said Stacy Kaiser, co-owner of Surface Solutions with her husband Gary. “We care, not just about the job, but about establishing a relationship with our customers. When they call us, we want them to know we will do great work, we will stand behind our work, and we will be honest and trustworthy.”

Here is what some customers have to say about Surface Solutions and the quality of work they do:

Gary Leavitt of Sioux City called Surface Solutions to resurface fixtures in three bathrooms in one of his houses. They resurfaced the bathtub, surrounding tile and vanity top in one bathroom, the shower, vanity top and wall tile in the second bathroom, and the vanity top in the third bathroom.

Leavitt said he was glad he chose Surface Solutions for the ease of installation and…………… continues on Sioux City Journal

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Q&A: Is oil soap good for cabinets?
News from Lansing State Journal:

Q: I have been using Murphy Oil Soap exclusively to clean my kitchen cabinets since they were installed in 2009. Recently sunlight was hitting the two cabinets under my sink, and I was rather surprised to see streaks and film.

A: Most kitchen cabinets have a hard factory finish, so when you clean the cabinets, you’re really cleaning the finish, not the wood. Oil soap can leave an oily residue.

Although some cabinet manufacturers do recommend Murphy Oil Soap, you might have better luck with a product made specifically for cleaning kitchen cabinets. Guardsman’s cleaning products are well regarded. Another cleaner I’ve heard retailers recommend is Cabinet & Wood Magic.

What’s new: Add a squirt of juice

The Stem citrus spritzer makes it easy to add a squirt of citrus juice to food.

The spritzer inserts right into a lemon, lime or other fruit, so you can spray juice directly from the fruit instead of squeezing. It can be taken apart for cleaning.

The gadget was invented by Tim Houle of Michigan and developed with input from participants in the Quirky online community.

The Stem sells for $ 4.99 plus shipping at www.quirky.com.

…………… continues on Lansing State Journal
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