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Research and Markets: US Luxury Kitchenware, Cookware & Housewares …


Research and Markets: US Luxury Kitchenware, Cookware & Housewares …

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Research and Markets: US Luxury Kitchenware, Cookware & Housewares …
News from The Herald | HeraldOnline.com:

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Facing fire’s change: Devastation, hope mark path left by Lolo Creek Complex
News from The Missoulian:

LOLO – In a gully above Elk Meadows Road, new green grass already pokes out of the charcoal remains of the Lolo Creek Complex fire.

The mid-August fire left a moonscape along parts of U.S. Highway 12. It destroyed five homes and uncounted outbuildings, sheds and stuff – mostly in a two-day, 8,000-acre rampage that had many of the 4,000 residents of Lolo under evacuation notice 12 miles away. A few pockets of timber continue to burn above Woodman School, but restoration has begun.

Shari Cooper didn’t expect to become a logger when she moved alongside Lolo Creek. Now she has 95 dead trees to cut before they topple.

“The wind sounds different,” Cooper said, looking at the towering black trunks around her unburned home. “When you sit outside and talk, it echoes more. You can definitely hear the traffic a heck of a lot farther down the road.”

Mother-in-law Dorothy Cooper’s home burned to the foundations in the Aug. 19 inferno. Shari Cooper’s home, just 50 feet away, was spared. Her car melted.

“The insurance guy called and asked me when to send up a tow truck,” Cooper said. “I said bring a spatula, a forklift and a flatbed – you aren’t towing it out.”

Husband Gordon Cooper was busy dragging hunk after hunk of gray metal to his utility trailer: siding, roofing, washing machine frames, stoves, unidentifiable wreckage. He’d already mad…………… continues on The Missoulian

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