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Peaceful Still-Life Photographs Combine Kitchenware and Roadkill


Peaceful Still-Life Photographs Combine Kitchenware and Roadkill

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Peaceful Still-Life Photographs Combine Kitchenware and Roadkill
News from PetaPixel:

Certainly there’s ample artistic precedent for including a dead animal or two in a still-life. Old Master paintings are rife with images of freshly killed ducks, bunnies and fish awaiting a trip to the dinner table.

Photographer (and certified taxidermist) Kimberly Witham slyly subverts that tradition with “Domestic Arrangements,” a series of still-life photographs that combine modern kitchenware and other items of domestic life with birds, squirrels and other animals retrieved from the roadside. All items come from within a short radius around Witham’s New Jersey home.

Witham says in

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Lakeland Kitchenware Hacked with Java 0-Day
News from Infosecurity Magazine:

“Late on Friday July 19th”, says the email, “we discovered that the Lakeland website was being attacked by hackers in a sophisticated and sustained attack.” The company took immediate steps to “block the attack, repair the system and to investigate the damage.”

Yesterday, however, it became clear that two encrypted databases had been accessed. Lakeland stresses that “we’ve not been able to find any evidence that the data has been stolen.” However, this would depend on Lakeland’s instant alert to the incident (which is implied in the comment ‘was being’ rather than ‘had been’ attacked) and its ability to immediately stop the attack from progressing.

If the attack was not stopped in its tracks, it would be wise to assume that data was stolen. Lakeland says the databases concerned are encrypted. It probably means that the passwords contained were hashed; but it doesn’t say with what nor whether they were additionally salted.

The company has decided to reset all customer passwords and force users to create a new password next time they log in; adding, “if you use the same password on any other account/s, you should change the passwords on these accounts as soon as possible.”

“While Lakeland are now aware of the brea…………… continues on Infosecurity Magazine

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