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Modern Kitchen Cabinets Made in America


Modern Kitchen Cabinets Made in America

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets Made in America
News from Closets Daily:

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Tom’s Tips: Eliminate frustrations of replacing cabinet knobs, pulls
News from Houston Chronicle:

Recently my staff and I were discussing topics for articles, and someone asked what projects were going on at my home.

I have wanted to replace the knobs and pulls on my kitchen cabinets for some time, but have put it on the back burner. One staff member mentioned they had replaced their knobs and found it to be quite frustrating, when on the surface it appears to be an easy task. The frustration comes from having once purchasing the knobs, and beginning to replace them, finding that some of the original screws were no longer usable and the ones that came with the knobs were too short. Another trip was made to the home improvement center, only to learn no one could tell them which screws to purchase to complete the project.

I had to chuckle and told them there are actual knob screws available and oddly enough are called “cabinet knob screws” and found it very disappointing that she was unable to obtain this information at this home improvement center. In the past I have been amazed how such small projects can create such frustration, however, now I realize if something does not work and there is no one at the store who can provide any help, which leaves a project partially completed, how easily one can become frustrated.

After hearing this story, we decided to provide a few tips about putting knobs or pulls on your kitchen cabinets from what to pur…………… continues on Houston Chronicle

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