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Ministry investigating ‘carcinogenic’ kitchenware


Ministry investigating ‘carcinogenic’ kitchenware

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Ministry investigating ‘carcinogenic’ kitchenware
News from Jerusalem Post:

The Health Ministry is looking into the investigative report on TV Channel 2’s Kolbotek program on Monday night that found the “majority” of ceramic coated pots, pans, baking tins and even knives have excess amounts of the toxic metals cadmium and lead.

Presenter Rafi Ginat said the show sent a large number of the kitchenware pieces to an independent lab that is also used by the Health Ministry and found that most brands of ceramic pots, pans, baking tins and cutlery endanger public health, as the metals are carcinogenic.

Ginat maintained that there was “no official standard” for the products, even though they comprise 75 percent of all sold in the country. Ceramic cookware is sold all over the world, but it is not clear whether those containing the toxic metals are marketed.

The few brands that are free of the toxic metals, such as Arcosteel, are among the most expensive on the market, thus the public pur…………… continues on Jerusalem Post

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