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Kitchen Kapers Adds NJ Outpost


Kitchen Kapers Adds NJ Outpost

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Kitchen Kapers Adds NJ Outpost
News from Gourmet Retailer:

When Kitchen Kapers’ newest store in Marlton Square, N.J., opened on Sept. 21, the independent kitchenware retailer debuted a new concept: a dedicated area for cooking and baking demos.

The area is outfitted with four burners and an oven, explained Rick Kratchman, vice president of Kitchen Kapers. “It’s a dedicated space for chefs or manufacturers to come in. We want to have that aspect of something going on but not necessarily a cooking class.”

It’s important for the independent kitchenware retailer to showcase the new products it sells. “The interest in specialized cooking tools and innovative devices has exploded. So we are really excited to have a demonstration cooktop that allows us to show techniques that enhance the experience of preparing and serving fresh food,” Kratchman says.

Out of its 13 stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, only one, its Morristown, N.J., store, features a dedicated cooking school.

“One of the issues is that we’re in visible, high traffic locations,” Kratchman explains. “It’s just not cost effective to dedicate an amount of space to a cooking school…We do demonstrations in a defined area for that purpose.”

Since Kitchen Kapers opened its doors in 1975, what it looks for in a location has evolved.

“Back in ‘70s, and ea…………… continues on Gourmet Retailer

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Through the new program, Artisanal’s expanded line of American artisan cheeses will be shipped to select Hyatt locations for a new pairing program offering local cheeses to the hotel properties. Artisanal and Hyatt have worked together on this program to create complementary pairings of Artisanal branded cheeses with select wines and beers being offered by Hyatt.

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