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Kitchen cabinets, part two


Kitchen cabinets, part two

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Kitchen cabinets, part two
News from Daily American Online:

By the time I had cleaned up all the doors and repainted some of my mom’s mistakes, I was getting pretty tired. I took the paint back down to the basement, used a tea towel to clean up a few of the places where paint had splashed around at the beginning before I got good at painting.

I washed my hands at the bathroom sink. I couldn’t get all the paint off but I figured it would wear off before school started on Monday morning. I went to bed, not turning on any lights, slipped off my sneakers, and climbed in to bed. Man, this painting sure takes it out of you, was my last thought as I fell asleep.

“What the…” I heard my mom yelling from the bedroom. “Little…girl.  Get… down… here… right… now.” I sat straight up in bed. What did she want now?

As I started down the steps to the living room I saw pale pink sneaker prints everywhere on the carpeting on the way down the stairs. They seemed to be about my size. Oh, boy.

 Whenever I got to the living room, I saw that the trail of pale pink was even brighter down here. And the closer I got to the kitchen, the brighter the pale pink was.

Even I couldn’t believe it when I walked into the kitchen. There were pale pink footprints everywhere, pale pink in the sink, pale pink footprints leading to the basement, a pale pink knife and spatula and saucer were sitting on…………… continues on Daily American Online

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