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Kitchen Cabinets a Mess?


Kitchen Cabinets a Mess?

POSTED BY administrator on Jan 25 under kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets a Mess?
News from Beliefnet:

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What’s new in kitchen cabinetry
News from Allentown Morning Call:

The kitchen’s central importance in most households means that Americans are paying more attention than ever to the design and decoration of this vital space – a search for functionality, comfort and beauty that’s reflected in current trends in hardwood kitchen cabinetry.

“We’re seeing increasing demand for rift-sawn white oak cabinets,” says Brian Yahn, sales manager of Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry in Schaefferstown, Pa. The reasons for rift-sawing oak are not just practical but also aesthetic. It results in a distinctive grain — tight, straight and even — that takes neutral or light stains exceptionally well.

“This is not your grandmother’s oak,” Yahn continues. “Today it’s creating kitchens that are sleek and modern but also warm and inviting.”

Many customers are also requesting white oak cabinets that have been either cerused (limed) or wire-brushed, two textured finishes that produce an understated rustic. Not as austere as the minimalist look that was trending a few years ago, light-and-simple refers to the design as well as the finish or color of the hardwood cabinetry: shaker-style recessed-panel doors in blond beech or white-painted maple are the classic example of this turn toward a bright, uncluttered kitchen environment.

The trend toward simplicity and understatement can be seen in more elaborately emb…………… continues on Allentown Morning Call

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