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Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Cabinets
News from AllAfrica.com:

Beginning this week, Siasa brings you the inside story of the men and women behind the leading presidential candidates.

These are people who in many cases hold no elective office but have a huge influence on how the various campaigns are being run. And depending on who wins,they may also greatly influence the course of events withing the country beyond 2013.


Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s inner sanctum is mainly dominated by close relatives and senior employees in the Office of the Prime Minister who in more than one way influence, his decisions, according to multiple sources.

The PM relies on his close family members whose advice has been crucial to his entire political life. At the top of this group is Ida Odinga, his wife whose word in many ways is seen to be taken seriously by Raila.

In fact, it was argued that in the run-up to the 2007 General Election, aspirants from what is informally regarded as Luo Nyanza who found favour with Ida got the nomination and are currently serving MPs. According to sources, once she puts her feet down Orange House has to budge.

Raila’s former adviser Miguna Miguna does not hide the fact that Ida is much more than an influence in Raila’s decisions but a key player who could sometimes be an overbearing character in his book Peeling Back the Mask.

Fo…………… continues on AllAfrica.com

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Cabinets in the kitchen?
News from Trinidad & Tobago Express:

Story Created: Nov 17, 2012 at 10:51 PM ECT

Story Updated: Nov 17, 2012 at 11:45 PM ECT

Basdeo Panday argued recently that Cabinet meetings should not be held at the Prime Minister’s private residence. According to Panday, “no Prime Minister has convened Cabinet meetings at their private residence. There is a Cabinet Room at the office of the Prime Minster for meetings.”

I however agree with Panday that Cabinet meetings are important occasions in the process of Government and should not be held in just any space and that they should be held at a time which is appropriate for the purpose. I assume that Panday is not talking about ad hoc meetings that are held off base if the Prime Minister is ill, indisposed, or has to hold a spontaneous meeting to deal with an urgent problem. I also assume him to be saying that Cabinet meetings should not be scheduled in a smoke-filled room in the Prime Minister’s residence. Panday’s complaint suggests that such meetings occur frequent enough to raise concern. The British have long since discontinued the practice of holding meetings of the king or the queen at the Court of St James.

I am however aware that meetings of the “boys’ are held in certain favourite watering holes, and than much that is important is decided upo…………… continues on Trinidad & Tobago Express

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