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Jacqueline Maley: Kitchenware worth $22000 goes missing from Parliament


Jacqueline Maley: Kitchenware worth $22000 goes missing from Parliament

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Jacqueline Maley: Kitchenware worth $ 22000 goes missing from Parliament
News from Sydney Morning Herald:

Politicians, we know from bitter experience, require careful supervision when in proximity to expenses claims, babies on campaign trails, and microphones generally.

But it was not until a Senate estimates hearing on Monday that Australians learnt the full grossness of the truth: we cannot even trust our parliamentarians with the nation’s silver.

The secretary of the Department of Parliamentary Services, whose job it is to run the big house on Capital Hill, was forced to admit that more than $ 22,000 worth of ministerial crockery and cutlery had gone missing and had to be replaced, courtesy of the public purse.

It was unclear whether the taxpayers’ tableware had been put in the care of a horde of toddlers, or a tribe of partying Greeks.

All we know is that it is gone, and DPS secretary Carol Mills had to beg the Department of Finance for a ”co-contribution” to fund the replacement.

It transpired that, according to protocol, all the ministerial crockery is replaced at the beginning of every new Parliament, at the eye-stinging cost of $ 80,000.

But while Tony Abbott has ordered into the prime ministerial suite a charming portrait of Her Maj The Queen, he is still eating off the plates of the Gillardian regime.

However, in the offices of other ministers, missing plates, utensils, cups and saucers have…………… continues on Sydney Morning Herald

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