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Is reusing original kitchen cabinets good or bad?


Is reusing original kitchen cabinets good or bad?

POSTED BY administrator on Sep 12 under kitchen

Is reusing original kitchen cabinets good or bad?
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Posted: Friday, September 12, 2014, 3:01 AM

Q: I have wooden cabinets in the kitchen of an old house. I was told to keep them because “they don’t make things as well today.” My only problem is the drawers. When I pull them out, black peels off the bottom and drops down onto the pots and pans, forcing me to clean them before they can be used. Can I paint the bottom of the drawers? What would you suggest?

- S.
A: You are correct that original cabinets in many old houses are made very well compared to some inexpensive, modern ones. There are still talented carpenters around today that can build cabinets just as good as what you have, and with all the modern conveniences such as nontoxic finishes and drawer slides. But, they may charge more because it is labor-intensive.

Saving original drawers has both positive and negative aspects. It may be less expensive, and you are reusing perfectly good wood, therefore saving trees and fuel for shipping. On the negative, the paints used in old houses, including cabinetry, could contain lead or other toxins that are being worn off as dust onto your pots and pans.

Is the “black” you refer to paint? Even if you repainted the drawers over the black, eventually…………… continues on Philly.com

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