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How long can food last in refrigerator?


How long can food last in refrigerator?

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How long can food last in refrigerator?
News from Globe Gazette:

I was going through my refrigerator and kitchen cabinets over the weekend, and I was overwhelmed by all our “stuff.” So, I started cleaning — it was like an archaeological dig. It got me thinking about how long things can last in the fridge, freezer and pantry. If you can’t remember when you last used it, how could it still be good?

Test your knowledge and see if you can still eat it.

True or false: Foods can last forever in the freezer.

True. Going into my mother’s freezer is like taking a trip down memory lane. She has a piece of my sister’s wedding cake that’s just celebrated its 18th anniversary. But even though frozen foods are safe forever, the activity of enzymes in animal foods, vegetables and fruits can deteriorate their quality. Freezing slows, but does not stop, the enzyme activity.

That’s why food in the freezer has a “quality” shelf life, which varies depending on the food. For instance, hamburger has a freezer shel…………… continues on Globe Gazette

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News from Montgomery Media:

By H.B. Forman

Steven Spielberg understands what it is like to be a passionate young boy.

In fact, his mom, Leah, says that when he started his film career creating Super 8 movies around their neighborhood, one of his earliest attempts at blood and gore resulted in an explosive scene in which cherry pie filling was found seeping out of the kitchen cabinets for years.

At the time, Spielberg’s grandmother convinced his mom that he was destined for greatness and not the detention hall – and she was right!

One of the most influential film personalities in the history of movies, is not only a dream maker, with a child-like heart, he is also a devoted family man. He also has a soft spot for his two recent kid-friendly movies, The Adventures of Tintin (Dec. 23) and War Horse (Dec. 28).

In War Horse, a boy named Albert (newcomer Jeremy Irvine), a British farm boy nurtures a horse named Joey as a pet and workhorse until his father sells the horse…………… continues on Montgomery Media

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