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Home Plates: Kitchen remodel survival


Home Plates: Kitchen remodel survival

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Home Plates: Kitchen remodel survival
News from San Jose Mercury News:

How do you manage when the kitchen is closed? Not just any kitchen — yours.

A kitchen remodel amounts to an endurance test for home cooks. A San Jose reader wondered how she and her husband will survive this trial by hammer and saw. You provided the survival manual with logistics, equipment and planning tips.

Cooking before the remodel can keep you out of fast-food drive-thrus. “For about two months before our date, whenever I cooked something, I would freeze two portions into stackable plastic containers,” says Therese Wiese, who, like our San Jose remodeler, was cooking for just her husband and herself. “We did a lot of frozen soups with sandwiches. Minestrone was good, because you have veggies and protein. I made a full pot of chili that I froze. I did a full tray of lasagna and froze it into two-portion sizes. I did not do spaghetti sauce, as we don’t like how the noodles defrost and did not want to have to cook and drain pasta out on the deck!”

As for pots and dishes and such, carefully label the contents of each box you pack away in case you do need an item, Wiese advises.

“Gather basic plates, glasses, silverware, bowls, etc. to serve the number of people in the house,” says Mia Begine, of Santa Clara. “Do not get more than needed; it will make it harder.”

Some readers ditch the real…………… continues on San Jose Mercury News

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News from WPTZ The Champlain Valley:

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Start by brainstorming all the changes you’d like to make in your home. When you look at the ideas that you’ve come up with, you’ll find that most of them (the practical ones, anyway) can be organized into one of three categories. These could be described as:

1) What drives you crazy. It may be a hideously old-fashioned master bathroom or a kitchen with a horrible traffic flow pattern. Whatever it is, you want it fixed … yesterday!

2) What you need. Two bedrooms and a single minuscule bathroom were fine when you bought the house as newlyweds. But at this point, a decade and four kids later, you’re feeling awfully strapped for space.

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