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Bigger by design


Bigger by design

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Bigger by design
News from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

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What was once a small, dark and awkward kitchen in the Roth’s town of Monches home, is now spacious, bright and stylish. Removing a closet and pantry opened the space for more thoughtful design.

Bigger by design

Design changes can make small kitchens feel, act larger

Posted: Aug. 26, 2012

Mary Roth knew her old kitchen was small. Kind of dark, too. Looking back, she realizes much of its design didn’t make sense, either.

The large walk-in pantry was a “space hog,” in her words. Directly opposite was a small desk built into the counter. Roth liked working there, but with a caveat — when in use, the desk chair blocked a kitchen entrance from the front foyer.
“It was a nice idea, but in the completely wrong place,” she said.

The kitchen’s dim lighting and dark hues added to its feeling of compactness. The cabinets and flooring were deep oak. A window over the sink faced north. The backsplash was red brick and even darker colors.

The south end of the kitchen area was a dinette with a table and chairs. The dinette…………… continues on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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