Bad news for many of Amazon’s California buyers as well as any online retailer. As of this Friday, a new tax collection requirement will make Amazon charge California residents sales tax with every Amazon purchase. The aftermath of this will be felt very soon on all sides.

For Amazon they have had a great loophole and deal going on for so long which made customers happy. You could buy 3 video games, some DVDs, and some kitchenware together at normal price. After about 2 days to a week, when you received your package, you’d have a smile on your face because you justsaved more than 20-30 dollars of no tax, since Amazon’s based in another state and had no Brick and Mortar (B&M) stores. Now why would you need to wait for your items when it will cost you the same price to just drive down to your local Electronic Store like Games…………… continues on Nerd Reactor